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Learn basic Reflexology technique and application used on the feet and hands for relaxation, reducing stress and relieving pain

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Reflexology Training For Beginners and Healthcare Practitioners


Touchology Reflexology Pain Relief Training

You can learn Reflexology online and use basic and effective Reflexology techniques for yourself and your family. Our Reflexology training online classes and programs above all else will get you started immediately with the same Reflexology techniques used by the original masters of this wonderful healing art….
Homepage: Most Popular Course-Relexology for Pain Relief

Reflexology For Pain Relief

Introduction to learning how to use Reflexology as an emergency first aid too for common pain problems.
Homepage: Most Popular Course-Introduction to Basic Reflexology

Introduction To Reflexology 101

Learn some basic facts about Reflexology such as.. What Reflexology is What Reflexology is not What Reflexology can do How Reflexology works and Why Reflexology is an effective pain relief

Be Trained in Emergency Pain Relief

In 5 weeks you can be trained with a certificate in emergency RPR™ (Reflexology Pain Relief). Learn and be trained in basic Reflexology you can use for self and to share with anyone you know who suffers with pain.

Dasnboard: Reflexology for Pain Relief

Let you fingertips stimulate nerve ending in the hands and feet to release endorphins your body’s natural pain relievers.

When you learn how to use Reflexology effectively, as an addiction and medication-free pain relief alternative, you can eliminate or reduce the harmful side

Help yourself and anyone you know who suffers with chronic pain. Learn how to use basic Reflexology as a first aid in pain relief. Become an advocate in addressing the opioid crisis and save a life using Reflexology and the power touch

What Our Students Have to Say

Njideka gives her students an "unbelievable" amount of information, time and energy. Her ability to teach Reflexology in a way that makes learning stress free and fun is a gift.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Coleman
M. Coleman
Washington, DC
Thank You Njideka! I have lots of gratitude and appreciation for the reflexology training I received. Thank you for creating such an amazing program, with such high and loving energy. It all seems natural to me now because the training was easy to learn and understand. I can successfully share reflexology with my family and friends.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Smith
Njideka... It was a great pleasure to have been in your reflexology class. Thank You for your patience and assistance during the lectures and assignments. Your class has prepared me to become a successful practitioner in the field of complementary therapies
L. Culbertson
Denver, Co
My experience with online reflexology training programs has been about 50/50. There are SO many out there, that are quite honestly selling hype and a bunch of bull that is worthless and harmful. Njideka's programs are the real deal! Lots of support, tons of useful information and easy to learn Reflexology steps you can actual use that do work.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Colbert
D. Franklin
Oakland, Ca

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