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Focus On Healing Wellness Institute, the parent organization, provides alternative healthcare services and programs on the cultural integration of non-traditional health care therapy for effective pain relief. Skills Building Academy is the Reflexology training branch of Focus On Healing Wellness Institute

About Us Page: Meet Our Instructor
Njideka N. Olatunde, ND, PhD, MSW, CRI

Meet Our Instructor

Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde, the visionary and creative energy behind Focus On Healing Wellness Institute, is an accomplished Naturopath with expertise in the cultural integration of non-traditional health care approaches with conventional medicine for mind, body and emotional wellness. Dr Olatunde is an author, acclaimed speaker, Master Reflexologist, Pain Relief Educator, Media Personality and Holistic Healthcare Business and Marketing consultant on a mission to empower and bring credibility to holistic healthcare practitioners and the profession, in addition to advocating for addiction and medication-free pain relief treatment in addressing the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities.

Our Story

Focus On Healing Wellness Institute opened its doors in 1985 as a healthcare information provider service for alternative/complementary practitioners, services and programs.

In 1992, we taught our first Reflexology Certification training program. Since that time our training 
program grew from teaching anyone who wanted to learn Reflexology to teaching certification 
classes in beauty schools, massage therapy schools, community colleges and continuing 
education for traditional and non-traditional healthcare practitioners.

From our humble beginnings of being a pioneer in introducing Reflexology to the community our services have evolved to include:

  • FOH H.E.L.P. Youth Corps Training Program: Healthcare Entrepreneurs as Leaders in
    Prevention We train youth ages 8-16 to become the next generation of Healers, Teachers,
    and Leaders in Reflexology. We offer inter-generational workshops and services for seniors
    and youth.
  • FOH Reflexology Training Program: We offer training to health care professionals in the
    integration of clinical and therapeutic use of reflexology therapy with conventional
  • Skills Building Academy: our online training program that helps lay and healthcare
    professionals learn Reflexology and use the skills learned to help people relieve pain
    addiction and medication-free in addressing the opioid crisis plaguing our community.
  • FOH Employee Wellness Programs: We offer customized workplace health and wellness
    programs, workshops, seminars on health care approaches for healthy life style changes.
  • FOH Health and Wellness Travel Exchange: We sponsor group travels to Third World
    countries to study, research, share and exchange information on the integration of natural
    and traditional healthcare approaches with conventional medicine.
  • Focus On Healing’s mission is to “pass on generational health and wealth instead of
    generational illness and poverty” using Reflexology to make a difference in the world.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Njideka gives her students an "unbelievable" amount of information, time and energy. Her ability to teach Reflexology in a way that makes learning stress free and fun is a gift.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Coleman
M. Coleman
Washington, DC
Thank You Njideka! I have lots of gratitude and appreciation for the reflexology training I received. Thank you for creating such an amazing program, with such high and loving energy. It all seems natural to me now because the training was easy to learn and understand. I can successfully share reflexology with my family and friends.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Smith
M. Smith
Njideka... It was a great pleasure to have been in your reflexology class. Thank You for your patience and assistance during the lectures and assignments. Your class has prepared me to become a successful practitioner in the field of complementary therapies​
L. Culbertson
Denver, Co
My experience with online reflexology training programs has been about 50/50. There are SO many out there, that are quite honestly selling hype and a bunch of bull that is worthless and harmful. Njideka's programs are the real deal! Lots of support, tons of useful information and easy to learn Reflexology steps you can actual use that do work.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Colbert
D. Franklin
From Oakland, Ca

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