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What Our Students Have to Say

Njideka gives her students an “unbelievable” amount of
information, time and energy. Her ability to teach
Reflexology in a way that makes learning stress free and fun
is a gift.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Coleman
M. Coleman
Washington, DC
Thank You Njideka! I have lots of gratitude and
appreciation for the reflexology training I received. Thank
you for creating such an amazing program, with such
high and loving energy. It all seems natural to me now
because the training was easy to learn and understand. I
can successfully share reflexology with my family and
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Smith
Njideka… It was a great pleasure to have been in your
reflexology class. Thank You for your patience and
assistance during the lectures and assignments. Your class
has prepared me to become a successful practitioner in the
field of complementary therapies

L. Culbertson
Denver, Co
My experience with online reflexology training programs has been about 50/50. There
are SO many out there, that are quite honestly selling hype and a bunch of bull that is
worthless and harmful. Njideka’s programs are the real deal! Lots of support, tons of
useful information and easy to learn Reflexology steps you can actual use that do work.
Homepage & All Courses Page: What Students Say- M. Colbert
D. Franklin
Oakland, Ca

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