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Reflexology Training For Beginners and Healthcare Practitioners

Homepage: Most Popular Course-Introduction to Basic Reflexology

Introduction To Reflexology 101

Learn some basic facts about Reflexology such as.. What Reflexology is What Reflexology is not What Reflexology can do How Reflexology works and Why Reflexology is an effective pain relief
Homepage: Most Popular Course-Relexology for Pain Relief

Reflexology For Pain Relief

Introduction to learning how to use Reflexology as an emergency first aid too for common pain problems.

Touchology Reflexology Pain Relief Training

You can learn Reflexology online and use basic and effective Reflexology techniques for yourself and your family. Our Reflexology training online classes and programs above all else will get you started immediately with the same Reflexology techniques used by the original masters of this wonderful healing art….

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Learning Reflexology online has been made easy...You can learn Reflexology personally and professionally. The training will show you how to use Reflexology effectively in relieving pain, reducing stress and improving overall health and wellness using the "power of touch" in your fingertips.